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Flextrafik are flexible transport forms that work as alternatives to the bus/train. Flextur is an open transport form for everyone. Flexhandicap is a transport form for physically disabled, who have been approved by their municipality. Flexsygehus is a transport form for patients that have been approved for transport to or from the hospitals in Northern Jutland.


Flextur is a flexible alternative to the bus, where you are picked up at any address within the North Denmark region and transported to an optional address between 06.00-23.00. Only cash is accepted as payment, when you travel by Flextur. Prices vary according to which municipality you are transported in, and depending on whether you cross a municipal border or a regional border.

Flextur is planned from hour to hour, and you have to book your Flextur each time, you want to travel.

You can book your Flextur by phone. Call +45 99 34 11 34 between 07.00-20.00. You must book at least 2 hours before and no earlier than 2 weeks before you wish to travel. When booking, you need to state the exact addresses of your point of departure and your destination. If you have to arrive at your destination at a specific time, you also have to tell us when booking. You must also inform us at booking, if you wish to bring a wheelchair, luggage etc. Service dogs can be brought along, as well as dogs that can be carried in a bag, if the dog stays in the bag during transport.

  • Call +45 99 34 11 34 between 07.00 - 20.00
  • Tell us the address that you wish to travel from and to
  • Tell us when you wish to travel, and if you have to arrive at a certain time
  • Tell us if you wish to bring along luggage, a wheelchair etc.
  • Be ready well in advance before the time of your departure

When you book a Flextur, we will find a departure time that is as close as possible to the time you want. In order to coordinate your Flextur with other Flextur trips, the time of departure may be scheduled by up to 15 minutes before and 45 minutes after the departure time you want. You will always be informed of the precise departure time when booking.


If you have to go to a hospital for treatment or an examination, you usually have to pay for the transport yourself. However, the Danish hospital service covers the expenses, if you have to be transported lying down, or if you are a senior, and the cost of the least expensive justifiable means of transport exceeds DKK 25.

In very special cases, the Danish hospital service also pays for transport through Flexsygehus, for example if there are more than 50 km to the hospital.

Enquiries regarding transport to and from hospitals in Northern Jutland can be made to the transport office at the hospital where you are being treated.


Flexhandicap is a transport type for people with severe physical disabilities, who are entitled to a walking aid or a wheelchair by authorisation of their municipality. You should contact your municipality to apply for admission to Flexhandicap.

You pay an annual fee of DKK 405 for a membership to Flexhandicap. A trip will cost you DKK 2.70 per kilometre (minimum DKK 30 per trip). You pay for each trip by cash. Payment is made to the driver. Contact NT's booking office on phonenumer +45 98 10 15 55 for prices and further information.


Tlf. 98 11 11 11

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